Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snowy Scene

Today we got our first big snow of the season. It was a beautiful sight!
I had two cardinals at the feeders earlier this morning, and they looked so regal against the white, snowy world.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Basement Bathroom

The last room in the house has now been painted. The tiny bathroom in the basement was the final room that needed some work.
The wallpaper came down a few months ago.
 Around the toilet is the most awkward spot. There's very little space on either side. I definitely ended up with a sore neck between that and the painting.

I didn't get a before picture of the light fixture that was here. My dad tried to replace it, but once he got the old one out he found that the box was too shallow for the new light. We ran to Home Depot and picked up what he needed. Or so we thought. Somehow the box was jerry-rigged to stay flush to the drywall and the new box wasn't going in without putting a hole in the drywall of the room next door. He had no idea why it had been done that way, and there were a few choice words said. What should have been an easy project, was quickly going downhill.

There were several other projects that he was helping me with that day, so I told him to just leave the light alone, and I'd get the electrician to work on it when he came to install the outlet for the microwave.
 The ugly, plastic framed gold mirror also had to go...and also needed to be lowered.

I had paint left over from the upstairs bath so I used it here too. And I still have some left.  

The finished room.
 The new light....
 ...and the new mirror.