Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Log Cabin Wallhanging

A few years ago I made this wall hanging for my sewing room. I was going to teach myself to hand quilt. Well, after five years, I knew that I wasn't going to do that. I've started to do machine quilting on small projects, and I like the idea of faster completion. And my eyes just don't like to do hand stitching anymore. Binding quilts is enough for me.

I blogged about it here.
I made the usual quilt sandwich with some basting spray.
Machine quilted it and bound it.
And hung it in my sewing room. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tote Bag

I found this tote bag pattern on Fort Worth Fabric Studio's blog. I hadn't ever made a bag with lining before, but I knew I was up to the challenge.
 I found some fabric (really like the larger design) and then had to work with interfacing and fusible fleece. Since I've become more of a quilter over the years, this was new too. Just had to follow the instructions....very easy.
 Added some box corners.
 Made the lining the same as the outside and then sewed them together. I'm missing some pictures of a few of the steps. By the dates on the pictures, I'm guessing I got sidetracked by another project so no wonder I forgot to get pics.

 The lining was pushed inside the bag and topstitched around the top edge to hold it in place. 
I made a couple of tweaks to the pattern. I made the handles a couple inches longer and also added a pocket on the inside. 

You can never have too many bags, and I love this one!