Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Blooming Again

I'm so excited to see my Christmas cactus bloom again this year.  It has lots more buds than last year.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Handmade Birthday Project

After I made this bag a few weeks ago, I realized I had enough fabric left to make a smaller version for my sister. Perfect timing since her birthday was coming up.
 This one still had the coordinating fabric band, but it was only at the bottom instead of the top and bottom like the other one.
And of course, it was easier to sew the second time around. 
I use mine all the time. I might see if I can find some quilted holiday fabric and make another one. But that might interfere with the last post I wrote about all of the UFOs I'm going to finish this winter. So many projects, so little time!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


A few days ago I was in my sewing room and decided it needed a little bit of organizing. Things seemed to have migrated from their assigned place. While I was doing that, I found several unfinished objects (ufo) in the cabinets. 

So my goal this winter is to finish most, if not all, of them. I have the fabric bought for a new quilt so I'm going to try and hold off on it. But it's so exciting to start something new.
There are a couple of flannel baby blankets that need the binding finished, a full size quilt that I need to decide if I'm going to tie or have machine quilted and then the binding sewn on, a crocheted afghan to finish, and a wall hanging that needs to be hand quilted. I can already tell you that the hand quilting project is probably the one that I'll procrastinate on the longest. Wish me luck!