Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Final Flowers Before Winter

The last of my mums finally bloomed a few days ago.  It took almost a month for the buds to open.  I was beginning to think a hard freeze would hit before it finally bloomed....if it bloomed at all.  All of my other mums have pretty much lost their color.  And tonight it's going to freeze so it happened just in time.
 Thanks for the birthday present last year, Maria.  It's beautiful!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Lisa!!  I hope you had a special day. After going out for dinner, it was time for cake and presents.  I baked her favorite lemon bundt cake last night.
She loves Halloween so I thought a seasonal towel for her kitchen was a perfect fit.

Opening her card from Mom. 

She has been admiring Mom's purse holder, and I finally found one at a Hallmark store here in town.  What a great idea to keep your purse off the floor of restaurants.

I finally finished the binding on her quilt a couple weeks ago.  Since her birthday was so close, I decided to wait and give it to her today even though she's known about it for months.
I'm glad I could celebrate your day with you.  Love ya!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Painted Floor

I've been working on painting the furnace/laundry room floor the past several days.  I finally finished up tonight.  It was a tedious project as I painted around things and then had to move them so I could paint under them.  It's amazing how a painted floor makes the room seem so much cleaner.  I get so excited about the littlest things.  Thanks, Mom, for the help when you were here and for the leftover paint.
I also painted part of a wall that I didn't get to last year because of a shelf that was in the way.  This room wasn't even on my list of projects for this year so I don't even get the enjoyment of crossing it off the list.