Friday, October 1, 2010

Painted Floor

I've been working on painting the furnace/laundry room floor the past several days.  I finally finished up tonight.  It was a tedious project as I painted around things and then had to move them so I could paint under them.  It's amazing how a painted floor makes the room seem so much cleaner.  I get so excited about the littlest things.  Thanks, Mom, for the help when you were here and for the leftover paint.
I also painted part of a wall that I didn't get to last year because of a shelf that was in the way.  This room wasn't even on my list of projects for this year so I don't even get the enjoyment of crossing it off the list.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Isn't that a great feeling to have such a nice looking basement floor! Painted is sooooo much better than plain old cement. I know that I admire mine every time I go to the basement.

Your flowers look great, too! Lots better than mine.