Friday, June 12, 2015


I think my clematis is my most favorite of the flowers in my yard.
It takes just a little work to make sure it climbs the trellis.

Last year it got too heavy at the top of the trellis and tipped over. So this year I strung some twine from the trellis to the overhang of the garage. Just perfect for it to keep climbing.


Friday, May 29, 2015

Chevron Baby Boy Quilts

Bold colors aren't my usual palette.
But I had a fun time picking these fabrics out for two baby quilts for either boys or girls. I only knew there were going to be two! I struggled with waiting until after they were born to find the perfect fabric, but finally because of the time two quilts would take, I went with brights and would then make the backing gender specific.
I cut them into strips.
I found a simple pattern for a chevron design...much easier than using half-square triangles. I sewed a white strip with a colored strip and then cut them into squares.
It's all in the layout.
Sew the blocks together diagonally and then sew the rows together.
First one down (above), one to go (below).

Square it up.

Made the quilt sandwich with boy-themed fabric (at this point the twins had arrived) and then started machine quilting along the seams.
I got these Clover Wonder Clips for Christmas. They are perfect for binding instead of using pins because of the fabric thickness.

Love how they turned out!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Half Square Triangles Baby Girl Quilt

I'm finally posting on a baby girl quilt I made last year. The baby was born and the gift has been given.
I had so much fun picking out the fabrics. 
It was my first quilt made out of all half square triangles. I cut the squares and then randomly sewed them together with a diagonal seam and then cut them in half.

I got a new quilting tool to help with squaring them up. I love it. So much easier to trim two sides before I pressed them open and then have to trim all four sides.

And it's all sewn together.
I'm still working on my machine quilting, and this was a perfect project for it since I could do straight lines.  I put the backing on the floor.....
...and spray basted all three layers together.
I quilted a quarter of an inch from each seam.

The back.

Love the polka dot binding.