Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Flowers 2016

Spring flowers were sprouting on time this year and maybe a bit early.

Tulips  - these are out in a lot of sun so were earlier than others

I put up a new trellis for my clematis today that I have been needing the last couple of years as it was getting taller each year. The photo on the right is from last year where the old trellis only goes about three-quarters of the way up. Two years ago it got top heavy and the entire thing fell forward. So last year I strung some twine from the top of the trellis to the top of the garage for it to grab onto. It worked good but it was time for something better.

I also spent quite some time weeding this area of my gardens. They have gotten out of control already. It seems so early in the season but my goal is to do better than last year and keep the gardens looking nice. Maybe there were too many left over from last fall. By the time that time of year comes around, I am tired of yard work and things just don't get done. I'm debating about putting mulch in this area to help.
Daffodils are now blooming. 

This is the next area I'm going to work on. It has a lot of grass growing right in the middle of plants. It's going to be quite the job because I'm going to dig up about half of the plants to thin them and then replant. 

I love spring gardening because everything is new and fresh....and I haven't gotten tired of yard work in general. 

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Mom said...

Gosh, you've really been busy! Looks very nice. Sure hope Spring is here to stay!!!