Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flowers and Spring Work

I spent several hours outside today...almost seven to be exact. This morning I went out and bought my flowers. I hit three stores, which wasn't what I was planning, but I wasn't happy with the selection at the first two. I love flowers, but it is so easy to spend a lot of money...and I haven't even started buying for the vegetable garden. Totally worth it though.
I hadn't gotten around to cleaning up my pots last fall so I had to pull out the dead ones and even a couple straggly green ones that somehow survived winter.
 I got six pots done and the space along the side of the garage. I have a problem with critters digging in my flower pots. My mom told me to put rocks in after I get the flowers planted. Works perfect. I still need to plant a few in the garden. The front landscaping was looking a bit blah so I added a new layer of mulch.
 I also got the patio set out of the shed and cleaned it all up and put the cushions on. I sure hope the summer-like weather is finally here to stay. The deck got washed and the garage swept.
 I got a new grill cover since the last one didn't make it through the winter. Another thing that didn't get done in the fall...the grill to the the cover cracked. This new one is fabric-like so it should hold up to the weather better. I also had a couple of side tables to get cleaned up.
Everything is looking good. A few more flowers and vegetables, and I'll be set. Wish I had this much ambition every day!

I even got my first sunburn of the season.  On my way to a great tan...maybe....

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