Sunday, May 20, 2012

Outdoor Lights

Over the past couple of years, the lights in the front of my house have broken one by one.  First, the top of the plastic housings broke off. Then last fall when I had my roof replaced, a couple of them got bumped and the bulbs broken off.
When I first thought about replacing them, I had no idea how low-watt lights were installed. I did some checking around and decided that it wasn't something I thought I wanted to tackle...even though I could use the existing cable.
So I tried solar lights and just wasn't happy with them. I don't think they were getting enough sunlight because of the tree cover. And it was early Spring so the trees weren't even at their fullest yet. 

Last weekend when Mom was visiting, we picked out some new ones (not plastic!) and got them installed. 
It wasn't near as hard as I thought it would be. I just dug up the old light and snapped the new lights to the cable that was already in the ground.
 They look great and give off a LOT of light.
 I moved the solar lights  to along the garage at the back of the house. They fit much better there.

One more project checked off the list!


Mom said...

I love the new lights, Lynn. Glad we tackled that project when I was there. It's sure an improvement over the old broken ones!

Lisa said...

Look at that mulch! It looks nice too :)