Friday, June 29, 2012

Quilt Show

One of the events at the Grotto 100-year celebration was a quilt show held in the church. There were so many beautiful ones...old and new.

I had never seen quilts displayed this way before.

This pink and green version of Grandmother's Flower Garden was my favorite. It was entirely sewn by hand. The green background is hundreds of individual pieces, not a solid one. I've put this pattern on my list of designs to try. I can almost guarantee I won't make one as big as this, but maybe a wall hanging will be in my future.    

Seeing these beautiful works of art has once again gotten me in the mood to sew.


Mom said...

Good luck with your next quilting project, Lynn. Maybe sometime you'll be able to display one of your handmade quilts in a show.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to show you the Grandmother's Flower garden quilt that I made many years ago. It was made from double knit and is reversible. All the medallions were attached by hand. It is pretty, but VERY heavy. Maybe after I get moved to Estherville, you can come to visit.
Aunt Dolores