Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flower Bag

Several months ago I decided that I wanted to make a bag. I had seen several cute ones in stores and on some blogs. I searched for the perfect (easy!) pattern and some quilted fabric that I liked. Finally found both...and then it just sat there. A few other projects got completed but not this one...until a couple weeks ago. 
I hadn't sewn from a pattern since high school home ec. It all came back like it was yesterday.
After putting a binding on the front and back pieces, it was time for the handles. They were really long, and I had quite the time getting them right side out because the fabric was so thick. I worked on the first one for almost 20 minutes until my frustration level was quite high. Did some searching on the web and found several ideas to help. The second one took less than five minutes!

Next it was time for the bottom. The curves seams took me awhile, but I finally got them.
I love it. It's the perfect size.
This was a great project. Nice to do something different than sewing quilt tops where accuracy is so much more important.


Maria said...

Love it! You are so crafty!

Mom said...

Looks great, Lynn. I think I remember being with you when you bought your fabic a long, long time ago!!