Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Weeds Have Taken Over

Yes, I will admit that my flowers have been neglected. Last summer I didn't accomplish much in any of my gardens because of a sore foot. And this year I spent lots of weekends helping get ready for the auction. So I was behind before I even got started. Most of it was just tall grass and not weeds.
Buried under all the grass is some phlox. But to really get all of the grass and weeds, I decided to just dig it all out.
So I got started on a nice cool Saturday morning. I only planned to spend a couple of hours out there, but the sun never really came out to make it hot and before I knew it, it was 5 hours later.
I started in the corner first since it was the worst, because if I ran out of energy, I wanted to at least have something to show for it.

It looks so much better. I replanted the tulips that had been dug up and plan to put some mums in later this Fall.

Then I started along the side of the deck. This is the before shot.
I got the first few feet finished and then called it quits for the day.

A few days ago there was another cool day for me to get outside and finish weeding this area. I found a few more tulips as I was digging so got those replanted too. 
I also happened to run across some electrical along the concrete that runs from the house to the garage. So glad I was digging with the hand digger and not my big spade in that spot.

Now I'm debating about putting mulch down along the entire deck but will make the final decision next spring.

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Mom said...

Getting the weeds and grass out is a lot of work but it sure makes a big difference.
Looks Great!