Saturday, October 5, 2013

Country Threads Quilt Shop and More

Several weeks ago my mom and I took a road trip to a couple of quilt shops around West Bend. I was on the hunt for some backing for a quilt that I've had for a few years. I had recently pulled the quilt top out of storage and decided it was way past time to finish it. But I just wasn't finding what I wanted in the stores around my house. Everything was too flowery.
We started out at Quilting on Main in Pocahontas. It was a fabulous, small town store with a great variety of fabric and lots of samples to look at.
Then we headed to Country Threads in Garner. This was a shop like I had never seen. The ones I usually go to are in strip malls, but this one had character. It's located on a farm and is in an old chicken coop.
There was a lot of fabric, tons of patterns, and loads of samples on every available surface.

The above picture is in a second building and was just as amazing as the first. It had mostly Civil War fabrics in it.
So many fabrics and ideas I don't know where to begin.
The hayloft of the barn is used for classes when the Iowa weather is good.
I've also found several great quilting blogs lately. Check them out sometime. 
Oh, and by the way, I never did find the backing for my quilt. But it was a great day. I'll definitely be going back when it's time for my next project.

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