Sunday, February 8, 2015

Learning to machine quilt #2

Since machine quilting the potholders went smoothly, I started on the Christmas table runners that I wrote about earlier.
I put the fabric backing down on some newspaper so I could use the basting spray and not get it all over the floor.
I had done a lot of reading about basting quilts and decided to use basting spray instead of pinning the layers together. I lightly sprayed the backing fabric and then put down the batting, making sure it was smooth.
Next was the top.
And I ended up with a quilt sandwich.
Another quilting tip that I found in my research was to use masking tape instead of using a marking pencil for the lines.

I used that for a while and then switched to painter's tape which is less tacky. I used my walking foot to sew and just followed along the edge of the tape, and I ended up with a perfectly straight line.

And just one time I sewed on the wrong side of the tape and the spacing was off. :-)

I quilted each table runner with a different degree of angles.

One of the finished projects.

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