Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ice Storm 2010

We had another winter storm yesterday...this time it was ice instead of snow.  It is so strange to lay in bed listening to the rain hit the side of the house and then look out the window to see ice covering everything.

It's not warming up very much today so most everything is still covered in ice.  I haven't lost power at my house, but I know many around the area haven't been as lucky.

I noticed this afternoon that a portion of this hedge has completely fallen over from the weight of snow and ice.


Mom said...

I hope that the hedge is just leaning and not broken off.
All that ice is unbelievable. You're lucky to have power through it all.

Lisa said...

You certainly are having plenty of snow days to talk about in your blog this year. Maybe the name of it jinxed us?!?

~Maria said...

Lynn! Your blog is so stinkin CUTE! It fits you perfectly. You never said anything again after you were first trying to get it to work so I didn't know you were finally blogging. Welcome to blogdome! I miss you....come out to visit us soon!

Great job on the deal finding by the way! :)