Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blooms and Bedsheets

Last weekend I decided that I was going to hold off one more week before mowing the lawn.  Well...I didn't make it.  The back was getting too long so I had to get out there.  The front is still looking pretty sad so I left that alone.  Not sure I've ever had to mow before April 15.  My rhododendron is blooming.  This warm weather we've been having sure is making everything bloom ahead of schedule.  Last year it was April 24 before it bloomed.

Warm weather also means it's time to start using the clothesline.  There's nothing better than getting into bed to the smell of line-dried sheets.  It's great to be using the dryer less often.

All of a sudden there are lots of projects to be done outside.  It's a good thing I finished the bathroom and most of Lisa's quilt before the nice weather set in.  I'm sure there'll be some rainy spring days coming and putting the quilt binding on is at the top of the to-do list.  Yes, Lisa, I will finish it before your birthday this fall.

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