Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shopping Trip

Walmart is my least favorite store to shop in, but I broke down today as I needed lunches to take to work when there are no leftovers.  I had been waiting for several weeks for HyVee or Fareway to put SmartOnes on sale but no such luck.  So off to Walmart I went to use up my coupons that expire at the end of the month.
The ice cream was a splurge (but at least it was on sale).  I have a cold and nothings soothes my throat like ice cream.  That's about the only time I ever buy it.  It wasn't the cheapest shopping trip I've ever made for the small number of items I got, but I did have $11.50 worth of coupons that made the trip more bearable.  After that I stopped by HyVee to get the $0.97 strawberries. Hmm...what a great topping for my strawberry ice cream.

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JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Sounds like you got some great deals, Lynn! Love seeing your posts and ideas for using money wisely, coupons, etc!

Joyfully in Jesus,