Sunday, August 1, 2010


RAGBRAI was last week and one of the towns they went thru was West Bend.  Mike was riding for the first three days so the first order of business was to make a sign and put it in dad's parking lot.

It was a beautiful day to be outside watching everyone ride by.  Not too hot, and it wasn't raining.  The National Guard was set up across the street from mom's with free water.

We walked uptown several times to see what was going on up there too.  It was packed.  Everyone had to walk their bicylces thru the area.

Lots of riders stopped to see the Grotto and also took advantage of the shade for a quick rest.

A long line of riders coming into town.

Mike finally arrived later in the afternoon.

Seeing all the riders and the fun they have makes me think that someday maybe I'll try at least one day of the ride.  Maybe. 

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