Monday, October 24, 2011


I recently got three grocery bags of apples and decided to make some applesauce. I kept a few out to make a couple batches of apple crisp later. They were beginning to get soft so I knew I had to do something with them quickly.
They were Jonagolds and were huge. The one on the left is an apple I had just bought at the store...and I thought it was a decent size. 
One thing that I couldn't do without is my apple peeler. It comes in quite handy when I'm doing a lot of apples at once.
I sliced them up and added some water and cooked until they were mushy. And I'm sure that's the technical cooking term! 
 I love chunky applesauce so it didn't take long at all.
I ended up with 12 containers for the freezer. It will be a wonderful treat throughout the winter.

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