Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Roof

Today another large project from my list was completed -- my house got a new roof. This was one of the things that I knew my house would need within a few years of buying it. The garage and the house (except for the addition) had two layers of shingles so it needed a complete tearoff.



They arrived at noon and when I stopped by at 1:30 they were already putting the tar paper on the garage and had the front half removed.
While I was there the foreman told me each of the front corners of the roof needed new plywood. They were rotten enough that if they had stepped on them, they would have fallen through.

 When I came home again about 5:00, they were just finishing up.
  On the picture below you can see that the three roof vents were removed and a ridge vent put in for better ventilation. Well, you can't really see the ridge vent, but you can see the others are gone.
 There was also a board that was soft right along where the addition was put on that was replaced. Not sure how I'm going to get up there and paint it??!!
Here's another shot of the before and the after. The picture makes the shingles look like they're kinda blue, but they're grey.
 They did a fabulous job in less than six hours!!

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Mom said...

The new roof looks good. I suppose now you're thinking "it can snow"!!!