Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sorting out the Storage Room

Another project I worked on over the long New Year's weekend was organizing the storage room. I've always been happy with the three shelves I have in there, but the boxes and other stuff along the walls needed some work. The open space seemed to be getting smaller and smaller.
Once I really got to really looking at everything, I wondered why I had an empty sweater bag hanging on a clothes rack. Probably because when I moved into the house I thought, I have the rack so why not hang something on it. And a garment bag that hadn't been used in 10-15 years. Why, oh why, was I keeping it. It's now on the garage sale pile.

Other things that were driving me nuts were the un-matched boxes that hold the Christmas stuff, the cooler that was always in the way, and the ceiling tiles that just got piled anywhere.
Over a year ago I noticed a few of the ceiling tiles in front of the window were starting to come loose. Over the course of time, gravity just seemed to be pulling more and more of them loose so eventually I took them down so they wouldn't fall and break.
Then when I made plans to have the microwave put in upstairs, the electrician was going to have to run wire through that room to get to the electrical box so it wasn't practical to put them back up until he was finished. That was four months ago! By now I'm so used to part of it missing that it doesn't bother me. And it's a storage room...who needs a finished ceiling. :-) It's on the someday list. Doesn't everybody have one of those??!!
 I got rid of one storage rack and moved the boxes along the wall instead of in front of the garment bags. That's another thing to be cleaned out. Someday! There's a cubby hole in the wall (why I don't know) that the ceiling tiles fit in so the edges don't get banged up.

I bought some new bins for the holiday stuff, the cooler is now in the garage, the shelves have been re-organized, and the garage sale pile is larger. 

 All the dead spiders and bugs that you normally find in a basement have been vacuumed up, and the room is clean again.
In this picture, you can see the missing ceiling.

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