Sunday, July 12, 2015

Walnut Creek Trail

Today's ride took me on the Walnut Creek Trail and eventually to the Bill Riley Trail. It's in the opposite direction of yesterday's ride from the parking lot.
 It was the hottest day of the year so far so I headed out earlier than yesterday and took extra water. 
 This trail was fairly flat but a bit more in the sun than yesterday's ride. Still a good ride though. This was a busier trail too. I asked another biker if it was fairly flat before going too far. And he said it was so I kept going.
 I rode down to Water Works Park and came to this bridge. I still can't believe I rode that far. Of course, the flat terrain helped...and the beautiful scenery. And it seems so much further when you're driving thru town to get to it.
 I especially liked the sign on it.
 This was on the other side of the wooden bridge.  It was getting hotter by the minute so I turned around here. 
 This is 63rd and Grand on my way back north. Hard to believe that a few weeks ago it was under water...the trail and the road.
The long concrete beam by these pillars was almost under water just yesterday.

Another good ride even though it was so hot. I was afraid I had sweated off my sunscreen and would have a horrible burn but it held up. Almost 15 miles today.  

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Mom said...

Happy to see you getting out on your bike and "seeing DSM" from a different angle. Have fun!