Sunday, February 21, 2016

Zipper Bags

I had been seeing lots of zipper bags on Pinterest. They looked fairly simple and would work great as storage for my essential oils, makeup, and smaller items in my purse. 

I made the first one in the same fabric as my sister's tote bag. After looking at several patterns, I used parts of three of them to make mine. 

I sewed fabric tabs onto the ends of the zippers so there's no sewing into the seam allowance. Then each side with lining is sewn to the zippers.
I used coordinating fabric for the lining and also fusible fleece to add padding to the bags. The pieces of the bags are sewn wrong sides together and then turned out thru a section of lining that was left open. The lining is sewn shut and put inside the bag.
Picking out fabric was the best part. 

I made up a few to sell and then a friend of a friend wanted lots and lots so I made them up for her.

I also made up some fabric holders for the oils. Each bag holds ten 15-ml oil bottles. 
More bags.

The two bags in the front (brown/orange and gray/pink) are smaller bags. Instead of removable inserts like the larger bags, I sewed elastic in them to hold five 5-ml oil bottles. 

Here's the inside of a small bag.
And finally I made a pencil bag for a couple of my favorite kiddos.  

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