Monday, May 17, 2010

More Spring Work

Over the past weeks I've been trying to get some yard work done in between rains. It seems things would dry out just enough and it would rain again. 

I decided to put mulch down all along my back fence.  There are only perenniels back there and I was getting tired of weeding it....actually, trying to keep it weeded is more like it.  This would have been a much easier project a few weeks ago when the plants were smaller.  I'm about two-thirds finished.  The next mulching project will be to replace it all in the front of the house. 


There's one lone peony blooming today.  It could be a few days before any more open. 

 I don't eat chives, but they sure look pretty in my garden.

 The alium are slowly but surely opening.

 The roses are beginning to open too.

And then there's this pretty white flower.  It's really a weed growing among the rose bushes.

 I'm still working on making my gardens bigger.  I got another 12-inch strip dug along the length of the flower garden and a 3x3 spot dug by the veggie garden.  The ground was still pretty wet so the dirt wasn't coming off the sod very easily.  I decided to work on that project again another day.  I had a couple of holes in my yard from something digging in it, so I filled the holes and used the sod from my gardens.


JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Oh, the delights and joys of working in the garden!

Blessings, Lynn!

Mom said...

My goodness, you've been busy . . . the mulch, gardening, garage sale, baking. One of these days you'd better take time off and do some fishing!