Sunday, September 4, 2011

New-to-me Headboards

I have two twin beds that didn't have headboards. My mom found a couple for me very cheap. They needed a little work, but I knew it wouldn't be too hard to make them just like I wanted.
First I sanded them down so the paint would adhere. The darker one took a little bit more elbow grease than the other. I wanted to do more than just scuff them so it wouldn't take as much paint to cover. And let me just say spindles are great to look at but a pain to sand.
I used spray primer and it took more than I thought. I finally ended up using a brush and some primer that I had on hand for the flat surfaces. I like the results of the brush better and would have done it all that way if it weren't for those silly spindles.
It took me way longer to finish these up than I originally thought, but after several coats of gloss spray paint they are finished. Since I was doing them outside, I was at the mercy of Mother Nature and the hot, humid Iowa weather. Today we finally had a cool 70-degree day...perfect for the last coat of paint.


Mom said...

Looking forward to having a nice new headboard on my bed the next time I come to visit!

OurForeverHouse said...

Headboards look great! I just did desks for the kids - spray painted Zachs and rolled/brushed Sarah's. Brushing was easier and with our crazy heat, I could do it inside. Great job!