Friday, September 9, 2011

There Is No More

All of the wallpaper in my house is finally gone...and it only took me three years. I think I lived with it that long because it was a fairly neutral color and not pink metallic fish. One day last winter I decided to work on the last two rooms - the spare bedroom and the basement bathroom. I knew that if I didn't do them both at the same time, I'd get one done, and it would be several months before I got to the other.

This was the room on the weekend I moved into the house. That great looking light was left behind by the previous owners and later sold at a garage sale.

The teeny, tiny basement bathroom.

I peeled the main layer of paper off and then started to work on the backing. I only had to spray it down with water and then scrape it off. Both rooms only had wallpaper on one wall so it didn't take me long. It only took me a fraction of the time that the main bathroom did. I hate even thinking about was ugly.

I got such a crick in my neck working behind the toilet. Someone told me I should have taken the tank off, but, wow, that was more than I knew how to do or wanted to mess with. 

 Such a great feeling to have it all down and gone. The work is done. Now the fun part of painting and decorating.

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