Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time For Some New Flowers

The summer flowers always start looking a bit peaked this time of year. This pot has a few holes from the ones that have died out and others I have are just not blooming anymore and look really bare.
I bought some smaller mums to fill in, but it's been raining most of the day (yay, we need it) so I'll wait until the dirt dries out a bit before planting them. I also picked up a couple gallon-sized ones and some better looking pots to put them in.

 After sprinkling them with some ground squirrel repellent (have I mentioned how I hate those critters), they were ready for display.
There's a pot of impatiens on the front steps that is still looking great even after all the hot weather we've had.

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Mom said...

Your new mums look nice.
This morning I heard a sure-fire way of getting rid of the ground squirrels . . . GET A CAT and let it roam around the yard!!! Of course, that may not be legal in your city.