Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dahlhauser Machine Shop - Timeline

It all started in 1940 with Grandpa Henry pumping gas; doing all of his own repairs as needed. As more people learned of his repair expertise, his business led to a machine shop which has prospered for the past 73 years.

The shop was just a single small building at first with their family home built to the south of it. (#1 in photo below)

The initial building eventually became the steel room. Before the sale in the above photo.

The empty steel room above after the sale. The people in the background are standing in an addition.

The first addition was put on in about 1948. (#2 in the above aerial photo). At times this room holds the race car that Dad helps with...and that's about as wide as it is.

The second addition was put on in the early 1960s. (#3 in above aerial photo). It held two hay racks before the sale.

The same room almost empty and from the other end.

Grandpa and his brother, Paul, ran Dahlhauser Bros. until about 1962-1963 when they parted ways. Grandpa continued the machine shop business with the help of his sons.

An old West Bend Elevator office building was originally bought to be moved onto a foundation and made into a home for my Mom and Dad. But after closer inspection it was decided it wasn't in good enough condition for a home, so it was used as another addition to the shop around 1968 – 1970. It was used to store inventory and for much needed office space. (#4 in above aerial photo)

The final and largest addition was put on in 1975, and an open house was held to celebrate. At the time it seemed like such a large space and would fit the biggest of equipment, but just a handful of years later, it was getting full and customers' equipment was getting bigger. (#5 in above aerial photo)

Starting to get ready for the sale on May 31 in the 1975 addition.

Getting ready for the sale on June 14.

West Bend's Quasquicentennial was in 1981, and Dahlhauser Machine Shop had an entry in the parade.  Mike, Grandpa, and Dad were on the float with the old coal forge.

Uncle Gene, Uncle Tim, Grandpa, and Dad at West Bend's Quasquicentennial in 1981.

Dad doesn't remember when, but when he was doing some remodeling, he found an old flag in one of the walls. It only had 48 stars. He donated it to the American Legion.
Published in Fort Dodge Messenger in the late 1980s-early 1990s.

Dad and Gene sometime between 1992 and 2001.
Grandpa Henry and his four sons worked there for several years. When he retired in 1978, Dad bought and operated the business until May 31, 2013. Charlie worked with him until 1985, Tim until 1992, and Gene until June 2001.

Charlie, Tim, Gene, Max
 The Shop will be missed by many in West Bend and surrounding towns. It holds many memories for me and my family. The end of an era.

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Good write-up, Lynn. You'll be glad to have all this information handy in the years to come. Good job!!